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Spencer encourages people to attend the Rock n Roll Autograph Show Sept. 13-15 and see an "All-Star Band" recording, a benefit event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport.

Although Spencer is unable to attend himself, the Show promises an opportunity for fans to meet their Rock n Roll heroes in an intimate setting, while taking home personalized pieces of rock music history.

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"Love Is On A Roll" from CD "So Far"
Check out the Spencer's album: "So Far"
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So Far 4:31 The Viper 4:26
The Mumbles Train 3:50 I Can't Stand Still 3:53
Uncle Herman's Mandolin 3:19 Promises 3:49
The Golden Eagle 3:47 Berlin 4:47
The Swansea Shuffle 3:09 Mulberry Avenue 4:27
Coming Home 4:01 I Ain't Gonna Go 4:31